Recent Abstract Works

Over the last several years, my research on healing through trauma has led me to study the benefits of multigeneration dependance in old growth forests. I’ve also been deeply affected by the trauma we increasingly inflict on the earth and on people. This is leading to questions about the connection between land and man. And is it possible to heal the land in order to find healing for its people?

Holding You, 60×60, Acrylic on Canvas

Holding You was painted the month after my father passed away. It was a direct response to my desire to hold him. The bear fetish within the form is a reference to him and his 50 year advocacy for Indigenous Peoples of California.

Exhale, 48X48, Acrylic on Canvas
Exhale, 48X48, Acrylic on Canvas

Both paintings in pink are an expression of both gratitude and recognizing when healing actually occurs.

Gratitude, 48x48, Acrylic on Canvas
Gratitude, 48×48, Acrylic on Canvas
Separated But Not Disconnected, 60×120 diptych, Acrylic on Canvas

Separated But Not Disconnected explores the intense connection between a mother and her children. This is a direct reaction to the family separations at the border. The ICE blue cords signify the patrols pulling families apart.

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